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Hope City Block Party Outreach

August 2016

Because of the excitement of Jeremiah’s birth, we are a little behind on updating everyone on Hope City news. On July 1st, we had the streets blocked off right in front of Hope City for our annual neighborhood outreach. We had cotton candy for the kids, free haircuts from professional hair dressers, face painting, a rock climbing wall, and of course food! One of the men on our staff who grew up in the neighborhood, rapped about the coming of Christ. Towards the end, a man who goes into prisons preaching the Gospel gave his testimony of how Jesus delivered him off of drugs and into the Kingdom of God.

Just a few days before going into labor Theresa helped serve cotton candy to the kids!

Taking Jeremiah Home!

July 2016 Special Update

We rejoiced on Wednesday when they allowed Jeremiah to come home for continued outpatient treatment. Theresa and I both felt like he would feed better at home. After taking some time to explain that to both the doctors and NICU nurses, they agreed with us that since around the clock monitoring was no longer necessary and his only issue was feeding that home would be a better place for him to continue to grow strong.

Since we have been home, he has gained five ounces and is eating 10 more milligrams then they asked us to feed him. He is hungry! We are so thankful for this big turnaround! Please keep praying for him as every feeding is still a labor for him. Every calorie counts right now. So, if he expends energy crying that is energy he needed to eat. Thank you so much for supporting us in prayer through all of this. We are so happy to be home!

Announcing Jeremiah James Baldwin

July 2016

On July 4th early in the morning, we awoke to Theresa’s water breaking. Our little boy was ready to come! However, what followed made us realize that Theresa’s body was not quite ready. Through 40 hours of extremely intense, induced labor we finally had our son on July 5th at 6:02 pm. He was born 5 weeks premature weighing 4lbs, 15 oz and 18 inches long. He is so beautiful!

Prayers Needed for Our Little Preemie!

Because of being premature, he is having trouble eating. Photo- Grace Baldwin Media

Silent Prayer Siege

How We Pray for the Unborn

June 2016

During a silent siege we pray in silence outside of an abortion clinic standing for the unborn in the womb whose voices cannot be heard. Sometimes we are asked how we keep engaged in prayer while standing in silence week after week.

One main thing that keeps our hearts sustained is focusing on Christ praying for the light instead of praying against the darkness. Our hearts are uplifted when we look on the beautiful God Man Jesus, for without Him we would become too weighed down by all the injustice around us.

Momma has had to sit lately as we pray at the clinic due to her feet swelling! We love praying for LIFE

Hope City

Bringing Hope to Inner City KC

May 2016

Imagine a prayer meeting where drug addicts get set free, the fatherless find a family, and the hungry are fed. Imagine a prayer meeting where anyone is accepted, and people from all walks of life can come to spend time with Jesus and find community. Located in one of Kansas City’s toughest neighborhoods, Hope City is involved in rescuing addicts, providing a safe place for rehabilitation, running a walk-in soup kitchen and food distribution project to the neighborhood, providing showers and laundry services for the homeless, and keeping a prayer room 24 hours a day, five days a week.

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